Sustainable Beach Towels in Switzerland

Discover MADUMA®'s beach towels – the sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to conventional towels – available in Switzerland with free shipping. 

Made from recycled plastic bottles, these towels are not only environmentally responsible but also highly resilient and quick-drying. Perfect for use at the pool or lake, their antibacterial and fast-drying properties make them the ideal space-saving and lightweight option for your next adventure.

Upgrade your towel game with MADUMA® today!

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Our Beach Towels

Choose from 10 different unique colours and patterns, inspired by patterned floor tiles.

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Made from recycled plastic bottles ♲ 

Our beach towels are made from at least 14 recycled plastic bottles, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional towels. By reducing plastic waste, we're doing our part to protect the environment.

Despite using recycled materials, the towels have an exquisitely soft touch and feel as soothing as any cotton towel.

Traditional patterns

The brand name MADUMA®, is the Maltese word used to refer to a single floor tile.

The patterns on our products replicate those found on traditional floor tiles in Malta which are similar to Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Arabic tiles. The vibrant colours and symmetric patterns showcase an art form that has been alive for hundreds of years.

Paying by TWINT

Due to popular demand we've now also set up the possibility to pay with TWINT.

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  1. Scan the QR code
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  3. Continue to place your order via our website and enter the promo code TWINT to proceed with your order.


  1. Continue to place your order via our website and use the promo code TWINT to proceed with your order.
  2. We will send you a payment request to the phone number you entered with your order.


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