Maltese Figolli Patterned Floor Tiles

From the Wardrobe to the Kitchen

MADUMA’s Newest Product

Malta’s beautiful traditional floor tiles are deeply entwined with its history and heritage. The vibrant patterns have come a long way, from covering the floors of the Knights to the everyday essential of your closet. The latest MADUMA addition takes the same stunning traditional maltese floor tile designs that you’ve come to love out of your wardrobe and straight into your kitchen.

The MADUMA Figolli

Maltese Figolli Patterned Floor Tiles

Combining two of Malta’s traditions is the perfect way to celebrate Easter. We’ve teamed up with a local dolceria Dolcettina by Althea to merge traditional Maltese floor tiles with Malta’s very own Easter treat. The Figolla is as deeply tangled in Maltese history as the island’s tiles are and are traditionally made to celebrate religious purposes but also to celebrate other meaningful events in our country’s vibrant past.

Maltese Figolli Patterned Floor Tiles

Together our MADUMA patterns and the Figolli make a combination that is as visually appealing as it is delicious. Each individual one is made for you to ensure perfect freshness.

In typical MADUMA style we’ve chosen only the best quality to make our products. The Figolli are made with 100% pure almonds and are available in 10 different patterns in 2 different sizes.


We take big orders and can also add corporate logos to the Figolli. All you have to do is send us an email on to place your order today.

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