MADUMA expands into Stationery

MADUMA expands into Stationery

After a longer break MADUMA is finally back! After the continued interest in our traditional Maltese tile themed design, we’re not only back with more of our much love organic cotton t-shirts very soon but also with a new range of stationery items. Available in five different patterns there is plenty to be excited about!

The Collection

MADUMA To Do Lists

Designed to help you unlock your full potential, our stationery items will help you get organised. The new range includes Journals, Weekly Planners, To Do Lists, Shopping Lists and Bookmarks. Whilst you may have less opportunities to show off your new stationery items in the office, the MADUMA stationery items will make you the most organised worker in your home office.

Increase your Productivity

MADUMA Stationery

Perfect for jotting down ideas and taking notes during the next Zoom meeting, our journals will help you be even more productive. In the handy A5 size, it’s easy to carry around even once you head back to the office. Paired with the To Do List, you’ll be able to optimise your time.

Bookworm Heaven

MADUMA Bookmarks

We’ve got the perfect bookmarks for all you bookworms. Based on the traditional Maltese tiles the bookmarks aren’t only perfect for your next Melanie Martins novel, but also for your Instagram feed. Make sure you tag us @madumamalta when uploading your latest read.

New T-Shirt Designs

MADUMA Ħamrani Floral Pattern T-Shirt WOMEN

The wait for MADUMA t-shirts is nearly over! Our new batch of organic cotton t-shirts are back in stock shortly. Pre-orders will start in a week, so stay tuned and sign up for the newsletter (scroll to the bottom) if you haven’t already done so.

Sustainability is Key

MADUMA Patterned Journals

SUSTAINABILITY is capitalised here at MADUMA because it’s at the core of the business. Preserving tradition is reflected in the patterns but also in the material that is used to create the products. All the stationery products are produced locally and most importantly from recycled paper. Help us keep the carbon footprint low by supporting local businesses like MADUMA.


If you are looking for a customised MADUMA themed product, whatever it may be, drop us an email on and we'd be more than happy to try and help you. The same goes for the bulk shoppers amongst you, if you are looking to buy in large quantities don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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