Shark Tank Malta Maduma

Swimming in the Shark Tank

May 8th, 2022, was yet another milestone in the history of MADUMA®. After weeks of keeping a lid on the great news, it was finally time to sit down in front of the TV and watch MADUMA® on the infamous TV show Shark Tank! Weeks of preparation came down to the test when the five sharks got to experience the quality of our products firsthand and ask their questions.

Shark Tank Malta Maduma
The shark tank principle is as simple as it is elegant. The investors, also known as the sharks, listen to the pitch and ask their questions. Then they decide if they want to make an offer. Typically one or two of the sharks will try to invest in the idea. The sharks were so in awe of MADUMA® that all five wanted to invest!

In the history of the Shark Tank franchise, not just Shark Tank Malta, there has only been one investment where all five sharks have teamed up. That was about to change! The five sharks Michael Bonello, Christabelle Camilleri, Mark Bajada, Alexander Fenech and Mark Weingard teamed up to offer the founder of MADUMA® a chance to make history. MADUMA® founder Kimberly Micallef supposedly became the second person in the world to receive funding from all five investors on a Shark Tank show!

Don't just take our word for it, you can find out more about the pitch here.
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