‘Tis the season for new products

‘Tis the season for new products

Christmas came early this year! MADUMA® is releasing a brand new range of Christmas products! Not only will you find our traditional Maltese floor tile inspired products under the Christmas tree as gifts, but you'll also find Christmas cards, gift tags and Christmas presents wrapped in MADUMA® wrapping paper.

The most festive season of the year is about to get even jollier with the vibrant colours of traditional Maltese floor tiles under the Christmas tree. New patterns for the Christmas season are hitting the virtual and physical shelves of the shop this winter. A festive red pattern and a glorious golden pattern will turn any Secret Santa present into a hit.

Christmas Cards

Regardless if you've got your Christmas shopping sorted yet or not, the MADUMA® Christmas Cards are the perfect addition to any Christmas present. Available in four different designs and two different colours, the Christmas cards will charm the recipient with their elegance and high-quality finish. Featuring reindeer, Christmas trees, Christmas presents and baubles, you've got a tough choice in front of you. Don't worry, you don't necessarily have to make a choice, you can also get them all in a set. Available in singles, sets of 3 and a set of 6, they are great gift ideas.

Christmas Tags

Two identical looking Christmas presents causing confusion on Christmas morning? Time to tag them! Make your present stand out with our traditional Maltese tile inspired Christmas tags. Available in gold and red, these recycled tags come in packs of eight and are also available as a mixed set. With the Christmas tags, you are able to add a touch of colour to your present. Matched with our wrapping paper, the Christmas tags make even more of a visual impact! They also double as Christmas ornaments. 

Wrapping Paper

First impressions count! You've put a lot of hard effort into finding the perfect gift, it deserves a wrapping that reflects your thoughtfulness. The MADUMA® wrapping paper is exactly that! Elegant and most of all a real beauty, the wrapping paper is what your present deserves. After all, first impressions set the tone for the rest of the festive period. Our wrapping paper is especially sought after by Santa and his little helpers, so make sure to grab yours before they use it all.

Still looking for inspiration in the holiday season? Check out our Secret Santa guide, featuring many Christmas essentials so that Christmas eve won't be stressful and you can enjoy your Christmas chocolate by the pre lit Christmas tree.

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