Top 5 Secret Santa Gifts

Top 5 Secret Santa Gifts

Picked out your Secret Santa in the office or the family but aren't sure what to get them yet? Our Secret Santa guide will help you find the perfect present for any budget! No matter if it is for your favourite coworkers or for a friend, we've got the right Christmas gift for you.

Working with a spending limit can be frustrating finding a great gift but it doesn't have to be. We've kept your budget in mind when making our selection of the top 5 Secret Santa gifts, ranking our list based on the spending limit that you are most likely to encounter. Even with a modest €10, you are guaranteed fantastic gift ideas to choose from that will steal the show when you have the Secret Santa gift exchange.

€10 Secret Santa

Products: A5 Journals + Set of Bookmarks / To Do ListsFace Masks

Whilst a €10 spending limit can often be a challenge, at MADUMA you actually have plenty of choices to find a thoughtful gift. That being said, we've picked our favourite for the festive season. Beating out our A5 Journals as the favourite Secret Santa present for under €10, are ourFace Masks. With a price tag of €8.90, the masks fit within the budget and come with free shipping within Malta. The adjustable ear straps make it very comfortable and with their unique traditional Maltese tile patterns, they aren't just protective but also stylish!

€15 Secret Santa

Products: Weekly Planners / Set of 2 A4 Ruled Journals / Recipe Books

With a budget of €15, the options increase substantially. Our editors pick for this Santa gift, is the MADUMA® Recipe Book. For exactly €15 you are able to surprise the recipient of the gift with a beautiful recipe book, that offers space for up to 100 recipes! Each recipe page provides space for preparation time, cooking time and rating the dish. Don't you love that detail? A perfect gift for anybody that loves to cook or wants to get into it. After all Christmas is as much about the great food we eat and not just eating your chocolate gift.

€20 Secret Santa

Products: Set of 3 A5 Ruled Journals / Set of 3 A4 Ruled Journals / 2022 Diary

Secret Santa gift ideas are getting plenty with this budget. With sets of A5 and A4 journals fitting into this range, they seem like the winners in this category but the 2022 Hardbound Diary - Weekly Edition steals the show. The compact version of the 2022 diary is a lightweight and space-efficient version that will fit into every handbag and backpack. With only 136 pages, this diary is the right option for frequent travellers and busy bees! Printed on recycled uncoated paper, right here in Malta and with 9 different colour to choose from.

€30 Secret Santa


A bigger budget means even more inspiration for choosing the ideal Secret Santa present. Our recommendation is not just a single present but a gift set- ourEssential Stationery Set. For only €27 our Essential Stationery Sets feature all the essentials that you need - A5 Journal, To Do List, Shopping List, Weekly Planner and Bookmark. All that is left to do is pick your favourite MADUMA® pattern and your Christmas shopping is sorted! Undoubtedly, you'll leave quite an impression with this.

Addition: With an extra €3 to your budget you can opt for theDeluxe Stationery Set hat has an A4 added to this beautiful set. Or else for an extra €2.90, you can pick one of 10 different traditional maltese tile inspired t-shirts! How great is that?

€40 Secret Santa

Almost endless opportunities await you with this spending limit - our top pick is guaranteed to wow the person receiving the great gift. Newly released in 2021 our Beach Towels are made to impress. Vibrant colours, superior softness and to top it all off, made 100% out of recycled materials. 14 recycled plastic bottles go into the making of our towels - not only avoiding the production of extra plastic waste, but also helping to combat it! With 10 different patterns to choose from, our towels are Quick Drying, Ultra Absorbent, Sand Resistant and Lightweight, even when wet! These towels are also used by gym goers and yogis.

Don't forget you can also visit a shop near you that stocks our MADUMA® products. Visit our retailer sites for an idea of what to put under the Christmas tree.

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